Tuesday, August 25, 2009

No Detergent required

hello !

GREETINGS FROM e1 solutions !

as promised, i brought to your today a product that will change the way we wash our clothes daily.

what do i mean?

using bleach only? - NOPE!

using Softener by itself? - NOPE!

if not that, THEN HOW?

will the cloth be cleaned enough? - YES !

will there be clorine smells [ since no fabric fragrance in detergent or softener ] - NOPE !

does it effect the sensitive skins of babies/child ? - NOPE !

if it's so special - will be costly? - NOPE !


to know more and sincerely believe in it and benefit s from it. . . . .

CALL ME AT 019 773 7703 or 012 936 5800 FOR MORE INFO AND DEMONSTRATION !

thanks and regards


Thursday, August 20, 2009

welcome and Hello

this is an introductions to a brand new solutions in our daily life. be it a household hiccups, health crisis or even a the looks that matters.

stay alert and i will introduced to you from time to time the product that will change the way u think and works and will the turned the heads of others around you

just bear in mind that - we are so near to the latest technology but yet we feels that we r still so far until we didn't even realize it that it's here waiting for us to benefit from it.

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